As many as 30 million men in the United States experience erectile dysfunction (ED), and it’s one of the most common sex problems men report to their doctor. At California Pain Regenerative & Wellness Physicians, John Dimowo, MD, offers innovative treatments, including stem cell therapy, for men with ED to improve sexual health and function. Call the in Ontario, California, office or schedule a consultation online today to get started.

ED Q & A
What is erectile dysfunction?

ED is a medical condition in which you’re unable to get or sustain an erection long enough for intercourse.

Occasional impotence is normal, but if your condition is progressive or it’s interfering with your intimate relationship or your sense of self, then you should talk to your primary care physician about ED.

What causes ED?
ED can develop from a physical or emotional cause. Common causes of erectile dysfunction include:

Poor blood flow to the penis
Nerve damage that decreases sensation and arousal
Certain medications
Drug or alcohol abuse
You may be more at risk of developing ED if you have a medical condition that affects blood circulation, such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure (hypertension).

If you have poorly controlled diabetes, the high sugar levels in your blood can damage both blood vessels and nerve endings, which may also increase your risk of ED.

What are the treatments for ED?
Treatment for ED centers around its underlying cause. Your primary care physician may direct your treatment at managing your physical and mental health, along with any chronic health conditions, to improve penile health. You may be prescribed medications to improve erections.

Dr. Dimowo specializes in regenerative medicine and offers platelet-rich plasma (PRP), medications, and stem cell therapy to improve penile health and function.

What is stem cell therapy?
Stem cell therapy is a form of regenerative medicine that harnesses the power of stem cells to heal and repair damaged tissue.

Dr. Dimowo and his team at California Pain Regenerative & Wellness Physicians use stem cells from placenta and umbilical cord products obtained from cesarean section births.

When injected into the shaft of your penis, the stem cells assist in the creation of new blood vessels and nerve endings to improve function and health.

Am I a good candidate for stem cell therapy?
Dr. Dimowo and his team at California Pain Regenerative & Wellness Physicians determine if you’re a good candidate for stem cell therapy during your consultation.

Your consideration for the revolutionary treatment may depend on the underlying cause of your ED and your overall health.

For a consultation to discuss your treatment options for ED, call California Pain Regenerative & Wellness Physicians or schedule an appointment online today.

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